We are very excited about our new ram "Dodge" we purchased from Ott Club Lambs this spring. He is sired by Shoot Yhea and exhibits great length and style. He has a tremendous top, is square over the dock and deep ribbed. We think his style and length will be the perfect complement to our Casper and Cheyenne daughters. 

Herd Sires

2020 Shoot Ya.JPG

Shoot Yhea - sire of Dodge

Owned by Harrell Club Lambs


Shoot Yhea son

2018-06-10 02.55.13_edited.jpg


Fully Armed son

We were so impressed with our Cheyenne ram and his offspring, we decided to purchase another Fully Armed son. This one became known as Casper. Casper's first lamb's sold in this year's sale. His lambs have not disappointed. They have proven themselves both in the ring and on the rail winning several live shows and carcass contests across Montana. Casper's first daughters will go into production this fall. We are excited for their future!

stacked purple.jpg
stacked rear.jpg


(Playboy x Honey Badger)

Leased from Ott Club Lambs


Playmaker son

For the past 10 years, we have purchased the majority of our rams from Ott Club Lambs from Fairview, OK.  Ott genetics have a winning tradition in the club lamb industry with wins at almost every major show in the US. Thank you, Brad and Deb Ott, for sending your quality genetics North! 


Fully Armed son

Picture taken at 6 months.

We purchased "Cheyenne" in 2016 also from Ott's. Cheyenne is a "Fully Armed" son. We chose him for his super-expressive muscle pattern. His tremendous top and massive leg along with great bone and lots of shag made him a sure pick. Unfortunately, we lost this great ram after the first breeding season. He left a great set of ewe lambs that are now in production.