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     Patty's Club Lambs have seen some big changes in 2021. Serious health issues for Patty have resulted in the selling of the family ranch at Chinook and a move to Missoula to be nearer family. The ewe herd has been reduced to 25 head and we run them on our new place located west of Missoula. A lot of upgrades were needed to accommodate the sheep but thanks to some very talented help the sheep are safe and happy in their new location. 

     Patty is slowly turning the operation over to her son, Ray. In the interim Patty along with her husband, Marvin are continuing with the operation. 

      Patty has been producing lambs for 4-H members for over 20 years. The business was started in the 1980s when Patty's father, Ray Ramberg, started selling a few lambs to local 4-H members. Those first lambs did very well at the local county fairs. The word got out and soon there were more 4-H members coming for quality lambs. Patty took over the sheep operation in 1989 and continued selling lambs to 4-H members. By this time the lambs were being sold to several counties in Montana.

     Patty soon realized that in order for her lambs to stay competitive she needed to search further for her herd sires. The first "weather sire" was purchased from VanderPloeg's in Greybull, Wyoming. Several rams were bought out of the Rocky Mountain Sale in Golden, Colorado. After that sale ceased operation, rams were purchased from Pam Middelton in Casper, Wyoming. Recently the rams have been purchased from Ott Club Lambs in Oklahoma. Most of the ewe herd is now sired by these Ott rams. 

     The ewe herd is 100% home bred and raised. The ewes run several generations deep with breeding designed for raising club lambs. The core of the herd was Suffolk with a small percentage of Dorset. With the heavy use of Ott genetics, the herd is now more Hampshire-influenced. 

     Lambs bred by Patty's Club Lambs have won numerous Montana fairs and shows but where they really shine is in the carcass division. The 2018 top carcass lamb in the state was a "Casper" sired lamb purchased from the 2018 sale.  2019 was another successful year in carcass competition with another "Casper" lamb placing 2nd in the state!  2021 produced yet another state-wide first-place carcass, also sired by "Casper".  



Ray, Alex, Patty, Marvin, Conner & Ada.

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0011 One of the nicest days this fall wa

Kona & Charles - the mascots!

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